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Our wide range of civil, domestic and criminal investigations include:

| Missing Persons | Fraud/Theft/Undercover Investigations | Surveillance | Background Checks |
| Criminal Defense Investigations | Asset/Financial Investigations |
| Investigative Support Functions | Residential Construction Investigations |

  • Missing Persons:
    Locating a missing person is a very emotional experience. We will turn over every stone until we have found the person that you’re searching for.

          * Loved ones
          * Adoptees/birth parents
          * Debtors
          * Deadbeat parents
          * Fugitives
          * Missing heirs
          * Witnesses

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  • Fraud/Theft/Undercover Operations:
    Insurance premiums and operating cost are rising at an incredible rate do in part to false claims, internal theft by scruple less individuals. We can provide needed assistance through surveillance, video, interviews, and background checks to put a stop to these practices that are costing all of us money. Undercover operations prove to be one of the most useful and reliable methods in combating fraud and theft in the workplace. Our undercover operations are well laid out, drawing from the real life experiences. Although successful completion of the operation is our goal, safety to our client and undercover operative is our paramount objective.

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  • Surveillance:
    We have been doing this so long it's almost second nature. Our surveillance is well planned and executed with a tolerable risk reward ratio. We subscribe to the K.I.S.S. theory of surveillance: Keep It Simple Stupid and act naturally.

          * Physical
          * Mobile: Auto-Air-Boat
          * Video-photo
          * Electronic

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  • Background Checks:
    It is amazing how many companies do not require background investigations as part of their hiring practices. Hiring is the easy part; getting rid of an employee may be costly to the company for a number of reasons. The employee has a history of violence, is a thief, a malcontent, lazy, not qualified or maybe a "plant" put there by your competition. This will cost you money in lawsuits, productivity and keeping your company's secrets secret. To hire, train and then have to release a new employee costs a company on average $5,000. Are you sure the information on the application is correct? Why would a person lie about their phone number? When we complete our investigation, you can be sure the person will be right for that position.

          * Employment
          * Partnerships
          * Pre-marriage
          * Company acquisitions

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  • Criminal Defense Investigations:
    Legal firms benefit by our complete investigative services that free attorneys to manage the legal aspects of cases.

          * Locating witnesses
          * Interviewing/sworn depositions
          * Trial preparation
          * Process Service

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  • Asset/Financial Investigations:
    We offer two levels of asset investigations.

        1. Preliminary - This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Real assets held by individuals and companies, real estate, cars, businesses, judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies, etc.

        2. Comprehensive - This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Banking accounts within the U.S. and offshore, IRA, 401-K, bonds-stocks, company savings plans, etc. If you're thinking of suing someone or have sued someone, or planning a divorce, you might first want to know if there are any assets/money to go after.

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  • Residential Construction Investigations:
    Construction contractors are not all the same! Professional ethics and quality of workmanship and materials can vary greatly from contractor to contractor. Don't be caught unaware. One of our top investigators, Michael L. Banks, is also a licensed North Carolina General Contractor with more than 30 years experience in residential construction. We can provide you with the information you need to protect yourself from "Predator Contractors". Call 1-877-315-9132 to find out how to protect your most valuable asset – your home.


    • Proper Workmanship Throughout
    • Assistance with Interrogatories and Discoveries
    • Disputes Pertaining to "Punch" List
    • Will Search for best Equitable Settlements

    • Dispute Resolution
    • Litigation Support and Exhibit Preparations
    • Disputes Pertaining to Completed Projects
    • Will Assist you if you feel Uninformed
    Construction Quality

    • Disputes Pertaining to Specification List
    • Design of Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Will Assist if you feel at a Disadvantage

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Investigative Support Functions:
We offer over 100 different investigative searches at very competitive rates to assist you with your case. Please call us Toll Free: 1-877-315-9132 for further details.

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